Banting & Best Diabetes Centre Guidebook for Pharmacists on Diabetes Management

“The Guidebook for Pharmacists on Diabetes Management written by Dr. Lori MacCallum has become an invaluable resource for our team when assisting patients with their diabetes management, or when communicating with other healthcare providers on the topic of diabetes. The book sums up the 2013 Canadian Practice Guidelines in a well organized and easy to read manner. I particularly enjoy the lifestyle section and many practical points. I highly recommend this book to all pharmacists from any setting (clinical or community), who are motivated and passionate about helping their patients reaching their diabetes goals when time is always limited. It’s nice to have a reference that guides us effectively through this teaching process.”

– Lisa Le, BScPhm, Rph, CDE
Community Pharmacy Manager, Vancouver, British Columbia


Interactive Learning Program

“Excellent topics. Very relevant to all HCPs and engages the pharmacist to really think about individualization of care.”

– Susie Jin, BScPhm, RPh, CDE, CGP, CPT
Pharmacy Owner, Coburg, Ontario

“Well organized, relevant, manageable quantity of information, links to relevant resources.”

– Pharmacist, Manitoba

“More confidence in making suggestions of drug therapy changes, and continuing doses where appropriate.”

– Pharmacist, Ontario

“Can apply concepts in my daily practice.”

– Pharmacist, Quebec

“I know better which drug to monitor in CKD. The sick day management is also great to integrate in my practice (something that I didn’t learn at school).”

Pharmacist, Quebec

“The expert video gave me confidence I am doing the right thing.”

– Pharmacist, British Columbia

“Helped me consider the individual patient factors involved.”

– Pharmacist, Alberta

“Reassuring for me to know that the recommendations I am making are what the majority are making. I can be more confident in my recommendations.”

– Pharmacist, New Brunswick

“I appreciated the tips given and the tools provided. It summarized the key points to remember when dosing meds in CKD patients.”

– Anonymous