Improving Routine Follow-up for People with Diabetes by Community Pharmacists

Medications with lifestyle are the cornerstone of diabetes management and routine monitoring and follow-up are essential to the delivery of quality care. Documented follow-up rates by pharmacists for people with diabetes are low despite good uptake of initial medication assessments in medication review programs. This study examined the barriers and facilitators to routine monitoring and follow-up for people with diabetes by community pharmacists.

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Study Design

Pharmacists were invited to complete a survey designed using the Theoretical Domains Framework Version 2 TDF (v2) with quantitative response options using a 7 point Likert scale and 2 open-ended questions. Baseline information about the respondents and their practice sites were summarized using descriptive statistics. Mean scores and standard deviations were calculated for each of the Likert scale responses. Responses to open-ended questions were analyzed and coded using an inductive thematic approach.

Research Team

Funded by an Innovation Fund Grant from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Principal Investigator:
Lori MacCallum BScPhm, PharmD, CDE

Lisa Dolovich BScPhm, PharmD, MSc
Jamie Kellar RPh, BSc.HK, BScPhrm, PharmD
Julia Moore BA, MSc, PhD
Gary Lewis MD FRCPC

Study Coordinators:
Annalise Mathers
Rossanne Kagaoan

Jeremy Rousse-Grossman, Natali Surkic, Linda Ou, Gea Panic

Top Line Results

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