Research Studies

The unifying focus of all of our research is supporting and empowering pharmacists who exemplify best practices to improve the lives of people with diabetes.

Improving Routine Follow-up for People with Diabetes by Community Pharmacists

Medications with lifestyle are the cornerstone of diabetes management and routine monitoring and follow-up are essential to the delivery of quality care. Documented follow-up rates by pharmacists for people with diabetes are low despite good uptake of initial medication assessments in medication review programs. This study examined the barriers and facilitators to routine monitoring and follow-up for people with diabetes by community pharmacists.


Four-Year Review of the MedsCheck Diabetes Program

Because people with diabetes see a pharmacist more often than any other healthcare provider, pharmacist-delivered interventions that optimize drug therapy and improve patient adherence are essential components of diabetes care. This study examined uptake of community pharmacist-delivered MedsCheck Diabetes medication review service in Ontario between 2010 and 2014.


Community Pharmacists’ Perspectives on Shared Decision-making in Diabetes Management

Pharmacists are involved in direct patient care; thus, it is important that care is patient-centred and of high quality. This study aimed to describe community pharmacists’ perceptions of shared decision-making within the context of delivering Ontario’s MedsCheck Diabetes program and providing general diabetes management, and potential challenges of implementing shared decision-making within the community pharmacy setting.