The mandate of this program is to ensure that scientific knowledge of what we know constitutes best practice is implemented to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Our primary focus has been to examine diabetes care gaps that could best be addressed by pharmacists and develop programs that support and empower pharmacists in the care of people with diabetes.

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Improving Routine Follow-up for People with Diabetes by Community Pharmacists

Medications with lifestyle are the cornerstone of diabetes management and routine monitoring and follow-up are essential to the delivery of quality care. Documented follow-up rates by pharmacists for people with diabetes are low despite good uptake of initial medication assessments in medication review programs. This study examined the barriers and facilitators to routine monitoring and follow-up for people with diabetes by community pharmacists.

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Strategies to Improve Follow-Up for People with Diabetes

Watch researchers Lori MacCallum and Lisa Dolovich, as well as community pharmacists Poshin Jobanputra, Maggie Cheung, and Yujeong Kim, discuss strategies they found that successfully improved follow-up for people with diabetes, such as the importance of raising patient awareness, access to labs, staff buy-in, and physician support.